Right now

~reading: Dante’s Purgatory
 birthday donuts, peanut butter crackers, salted almonds
~smelling: dryer sheets, coffee
~dwelling on: a return to soccer
~listening to: my school playlist (Piano Guys, Avicii, Avenger’s theme, Captain America soundtrack, random bluegrass, Ed Sheeran, Neil Finn, Outset Island theme, Metroid, and Portal ending songs)
~feeling: rather sore from soccer practice last night, sick from donuts and the smell of last night’s supper
~dreaming: dystopian sequels (again…why can’t I leave it alone?)
~considering: the sheer amount of school that there is to do, attending robotics tomorrow, exciting surprises
~excited for: cool weekend activities, new movies and music
~wishing for: more sunshine, movie tickets, clarity of thought, the guts to sit down and write (at my computer, not on my phone), the ability to drink more coffee without buying myself a headache, time to teach myself to play guitar (so I can cover I See Fire)
~practicing: stretching, convention music, recital piece, patience when things don’t go my way
~I really should: drink more water, eat more than just protein supplements every 90 minutes, take a nap, read a non-school book as part of nightly routine, buy new earbuds
~emailing: awesome friends who put up with me (y’all know who you are -.- )
~wearing: grey sweatpants, pink and yellow stripy shirt (that I tie-dyed), soft blue sweater, my cross necklace that I wear always (except when I sleep. Strangling oneself is not recommended), and my old green watch. Oh, and yucky blue earbuds
~loving: my siblings, who have the remarkable ability to drive me both toward sanity and away from it (usually at the same time), new opportunities and horizons
~pondering: why I felt the need to write this post

why did i do this? 

{inspired by Hannah Nicole