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The Writer

I’m Melody, a teenage homschooler whose introvert tendencies manifest themselves in the strangest ways. When I’m not sharing my musings here with you, I’m studying, singing, playing piano, reading, writing, rambling to my friends, standing out in the sun, or otherwise being inexplicable.

If my life was like a musical piece, on my own, its composition would be pointless. At the center would be cacophonous, random sounds with a couple cymbal crashes thrown in for kicks. No meaning. No melody.

Long description short, without a composer, I would be nothing.
And without a conductor, I would fall to pieces.

It’s rather comforting to know that I didn’t just blast into existence. I wasn’t left to forge a path of my own in this world. I have a conductor who saved me from my old, sinful self and who now directs my life.
Now, I have a purpose.
Now, my life has a melody.

I pray that at the center of my life, there would be my savior, who had shown me amazing grace and unimaginable mercy.


If you’re still reading this, then you’re obviously still curious. I’m flattered, I suppose, so I’ll make you a handy little list.

Things that are annoying or bad about me:
-I ignore reality more often than I should
-When actually present in reality, I overanalyze and overthink everything
-I’m a very prideful creature
-I stress
-I get moody and brood if something doesn’t go my way
-I’m a perfectionist, which is bad because if I think I can’t do it perfectly, I don’t want to try
-I get puffed up in my abilities
-I can’t get up in the morning
-I spend too much time on my computer
-I procrastinate

Things that are good about me-

“For I know nothing good dwells in me, that is, in my flesh.”

Therefore, I need only have one item on this side of my list.



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