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You know…

life is more than a heartbeat.

Life is in the second and the minute, the everyday and the year.
Life is the mundane and the special, the average and the extraordinary.
Life is in the laughter in the morning and the quiet sobs past midnight, the joys and the sorrow that pass through your heart more swiftly than blood.
Life is when you fly and when you fall, in reaching the stars and in not quite.
Life is in the easy choices and the hard, in saying yes and in saying no.

And sometimes, life is saying no to what your corrupted heart desires.

Life is hearing the voice your prideful heart had forgotten, hearing him whisper, “You are mine.”
Life is knowing why you were made.
Life is knowing you were fashioned one way and you cannot be another.
Life is realizing that the world will turn without you.
Life is lifting up what you have and giving.
Life is being content to fill a little space, if he is glorified.
Life is knowing who took your lifeless shell and breathed life in it again, who took your hand and lifted you from the grave.
Life is knowing who died to transform your stony heart into a heart that beats, that lives, that loves.

Life is loving, because he loves. Life is living, because he lives.

Life is more than a heartbeat.
Life is your soul.


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