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Happy New Year

Have you seen the Google tribute to 2013? (Watch it here) Also, you can see a collage of the most searched for names and items this year.

Ah, yes. We’ve said goodbye to some notable people, such as Margaret Thatcher and Nelson Mandela (and a cute actor, apparently). We’ve said hello to a royal baby. We’ve done the Harlem Shake, and we still don’t know what the fox says. And several brave, brave pro athletes and others have spoken out about their private lives. “When you get to the point of acceptance, there is nothing more beautiful.”

Bars at the bottom of the New Year’s countdown list the most heartbreaking celebrity breakups of the year.
Miley Cyrus stuck out her tongue at me.
Strangers kissed to kick off 2014.
Oh, pop culture. Where would we be without you?

In other news, God is still good.
He is still working in this broken world.
Through all the degradation, all the vulgarity, all the good, and all the bad.
He will have his way this year, and every year to come.
God will not be thwarted.

What did He do for you last year?


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