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Random Musings of Melody

I’ve been thinking.
I’ve been known to do that.
I’ve been known to do that…a lot
I’ve been known to call it pondering

Perhaps I’ll try this “blogging” gig again.

I’ll still go by Melody, instead of Mercy
I’ll probably still post things on Anna and Karen’s blog
Perhaps it’s time to get personal
To create something
To jump in with both feet

Maybe I should try again
Maybe it’s worth doing
Maybe it’ll be fun

Metamorphosis (love that word)

Why not?

Why not get personal?
Why not try?

In the hopes that someone, somewhere, will want to read what I have to say.

Even though I am far from the best blogger
The best Singer
The best Writer
The best Christian
The best…anything
But I’m me
I’m Melody

And that’s fine with me

More to come soon!

Have a wonderfulicious night!



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