Fighter Verses

I thought I’d share something tonight that has been a valuable tool for months now. Fighter Verses. (see their website below) {and this is not an advertisement}

At my house, we have a family Bible time every morning around eight, in which we pray, and memorize catechism and Bible verses. Although we have gone with Fighter Verses for years now, my dad informed us that there was a Fighter Verse app (he knows these things). It turns out that included with the app are Fighter Verse songs. (they are also on the website)

Songs. 🙂

If something is put to music, my whole family, even the three year old, can memorize it pretty easily. These songs have opened up a whole new world for me since January.  They have made Scripture memorization so much easier for me and my family. I can now recite or sing two whole Psalms!

No, I’m not advertising. If I was, I wouldn’t say this. They are definitely….creative. They aren’t rock songs or even really the style of popular Christian music. But they work, I tell you. Yes, indeed. If it helps me hide God’s Word in my heart, hearing the same song for Psalm 103 over and over and over again is worth it.  (link includes this week’s verse)



Random Musings of Melody

I’ve been thinking.
I’ve been known to do that.
I’ve been known to do that…a lot
I’ve been known to call it pondering

Perhaps I’ll try this “blogging” gig again.

I’ll still go by Melody, instead of Mercy
I’ll probably still post things on Anna and Karen’s blog
Perhaps it’s time to get personal
To create something
To jump in with both feet

Maybe I should try again
Maybe it’s worth doing
Maybe it’ll be fun

Metamorphosis (love that word)

Why not?

Why not get personal?
Why not try?

In the hopes that someone, somewhere, will want to read what I have to say.

Even though I am far from the best blogger
The best Singer
The best Writer
The best Christian
The best…anything
But I’m me
I’m Melody

And that’s fine with me

More to come soon!

Have a wonderfulicious night!